Electric Bikes

As seen on The Gadget Show 24/08/09.  TETS OPINION:  They're right...   this machine is AMAZING and knocks the socks off the competition!

Power, Presence, Speed! The brand new UltraMotor A2B Metro has impressed the socks off us and not just because of glorious weather while we were thrashing (ahem I mean testing) it.

The design is a step or two out of sync with the ebike mantra of 'hide what you ride'. It is blatantly more than a bicycle. The frame is chunky, the tyres wouldn't look out of place on a tractor and the motor looks like it has been borrowed from the Vectrix. It is a heavy, meaty, powerful e-bike.

So why, given the above, have we decided to add it to our selection? Many reasons: all beginning with the words Power, Presence, Speed and Confidence! It commands a place on the road, in traffic it is visible and stable and you feel safe with quality components that work intuitively.

This UltraMotor is the first e-bike in a long time to feel comfortable in its skin. It isn't giving into the snobbery that pervades the spandex clad cycle clubs. It has 'eat my dust' attitude that says 'I will take you from A2B safely and if you want to you will be overtaking mere mortals all the way'.

The Metro has a better acceleration, top speed and hill climbing ability than any road legal eBike we have tested except some of our specially tuned Heinzmann motors. Part of the Metro's unparalleled all round ability is due to the battery: it uses the best Lithium EV cells from Sanyo with a unique chemistry (triple Oxide cells). Panasonic bought Sanyo largely on the strength of these incredible batteries.

Here today gone tomorrow? No. We're confident that UltraMotor are here to stay.

We urge you to come and test ride this amazing machine that is the UltraMotor A2B Metro.